Project Squid Update Status

   Mage: Fire - Godlike:  Updated 9.0 Prepatch - [ VIDEO ]

   Mage: Frost - Unsupported: Updated 8.3 - (PvP)
   Paladin: Holy - Unsupported: Updated 8.3 - (PvE + PvP)
   Druid: Feral - Unsupported: Updated 8.3 - (PvP)
   Rogue: Assas - Unsupported: Updated 8.3 - (PvP)
   Hunter: BM - Unsupported: Updated 8.3
   Hunter: SV - Unsupported: Updated 8.3
   Priest: Discipline - Last Updated - 8.2.5   
   Warrior: Arms - Last Updated - 8.2.5
   DK: Unholy - Last Updated - 8.2.5
   DH: Havoc - Last Updated - 8.2
   Monk: Windwalker - Last Updated - 8.2
   Paladin: Retribution - Basic PvE Rotation - 8.3
   Shaman: Elemental - Abandoned - 8.1.5
   Druid: Balance - Abandoned - 8.1
   Druid: Guardian - Basic Rotation - 8.1.5?


These are sorted by most developed.

Some of the listed classes that are not updated may still be functioning, and even have great features built in, but the developer doesn't currently have the time to support consistent updates with all of the classes, especially with the gearing difficulties introduced in 8.3.
We have decided to put all focus into Fire Mage for the remainder of BFA, and it has very much paid off. A lot of our users are playing on current Rank One level using our Fire Mage script. Due to this, it is the only class we sell individually. You can still access our other classes behind the scenes with our Full Access package, but further updates and support to them are not to be expected for the remainder of the expansion.