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If you couldn't already tell, we have very high confidence in our product. Our lead developer has over 12 years of WoW experience, and 7 years of coding experience. Already achieving rank one and gladiator achievements prior to developing scripts for the game. With the highest standards and hard work, we aim to consistently deliver the highest quality PvP scripts available anywhere.

Squid does things differently

Our development process is much different than the competition. We have connections with many of the best professional players in the game. We often delegate testing and theorycrafting to them to help improve our scripts even further with their professional feedback. 


Best humanization in the game

We spend tons of time theorycrafting the best possible use of all abilities, inlcuding the best way to automate them in a way that feels natural to the player and looks human to others. This way every GCD is perfect when using Squid, while you're kept safe from player reports.

Powered by EWT

 The developer of EWT works tirelessly day and night monitoring changes to the "Warden" anti-cheat system. He has an unparalleled record of keeping players safe from bans. We combine advanced mathematics, extensive game knowledge, and years of arena experience with EWT's robust API to create original, innovative logic that you won't find anywhere else.

You must purchase EWT for squid to function.


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